Energy Production


The development of renewable energy appears to be the best way to satisfy world energy needs, which could increase by more than 50% by 2030 (World Energy Council, 2010). One of the main obstacles to this necessary development is the lack of solution to convert slow motion into exploitable electric power in an effective way.

Proteas Electricity production system


The PROTEAS using alveoli VMJ utilizes 15% of incoming solar energy for electricity production. Innovative technology, allows it to multiply the waste thermal energy climaxing the 163.2% by converting it into cooling energy. The produced cooling energy translated into equivalent electricity leads to multiple aid of solar energy by the PROTEAS who produces 5 times an equivalent force Snipping peak compared to the nominal electrical capacity. In process of conversion, besides cooling power produces heat at lower temperatures, while yielding significant part of heat absorbed from the building to various uses.



-A complex of materials allocates spectrum to maximize power efficiency.

-is the product of voltage multiplied by current.

-Each conclusion adds voltage, current at synapses corresponds to the alveoli.

-Shows almost half the temperature coefficient in relation to conventional PV.

-Suitable for efficient operation of high temperature (80-95 degrees) and hot water production.



Production of electricity, Heat and Cooling two stage power.   Typical Unit 1000Wp | 250-500Lt Hot Water | 8000-16.000BTU | 500-1000Lt Lukewarm Water.


Innovative optical system PV Cells III-V > 40% m-4m Heat Pumps > COP 1.6 AL Tracker low cost low-profile Advanced Control System



Two stage heat pumps in COOPERATION with SOLAR SYSTEMS P > 11000kW with HIGH COEFFICIENT of PERFORMANCE (COP > 1.6)