Animal feed


Soya Hulls: Rich source of digestible fibre. Allows energy intakes to be increased without increasing the risk of acidosis.

Sunflower : Good protein source and high in fibre. Helps reduce acidosis by its fibre content. Palatable.

Rapeseed: High protein and good energy.

Corn Distillers: High energy and protein. Compliments high starch cereals and other low protein products. Available all year round and can be used for a wide range of stock.

Wheat: Very high in energy and high in starch. Useful for increasing milk protein and for the promotion of growth. Palatable.

Barley: High in energy in the form of starch making it highly fermentable encouraging milk protein and fast growth. Ideal to compliment forages.

Soya-sunflower meal, rape cake, low quality corn, wheat, barley

  • Origin: Black Sea and Central Europe
  • Types: Dry cargo
  • Packing: Cargo
  • Transport: By truck, train, marine transportation means
  • Quality: HACCP. IFS, ISO 22000. 9001, ISCC
  • Client group: Wholesalers, animal feedings industries in Central-East Europe, South Europe, Middle East, North Africa, East Asia.